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Oculus real studio

Architecture & 3D Design

Through creativity and the implementation of various state-of-the-art tools, we create real experiences through virtual reality

We are a studio composed of professionals in architecture and design, who have been working on projects and constructions for years. Our skills and experience have developed and advanced in parallel with technological progress. Today, we focus on offering the experimentation and exploration of projects in a new dimension.

We are at the forefront of architectural design and are a team of experts in architectural rendering and visualization, bringing your projects to life in a completely innovative way through hyper-realistic renders, walkthrough videos, and 360° vision.

We develop projects for individual clients, architects, architectural firms, and construction companies, both local and from the international market.


See to decide

Visualizing your project before implementing it is extremely important for making subsequent decisions. Rendering and virtual reality are the most effective ways to experience it before pushing forward with the final project.

01 - Architectural Projects

Thanks to the unique skills and knowledge of the team, we develop architectural project visualization from scratch or existing ones. We ensure accuracy and quality in them and focus on providing personalized attention to each client for informed decision-making.

02 - Hyperrealistic Renders.

Digitally representing your project in a render that looks like a real photograph is possible. We bring an idea, a sketch, or a project to life in hyper-realistic renders, where you can see the design exactly as it will be, with spaces, dimensions, decoration, colors, textures, and lighting

03 - Tour Videos

At Oculus Real Studio, we believe that experiencing is everything. That's why we focus on creating a unique and thrilling experience for each client, where they can explore their project in a new dimension and walk through it as if they were inside it.

04 - 360 Vision

Your projects come to life with the Virtual Reality (VR) lens technology we offer. With them, you can experience every detail of your architectural project, from material selection to lighting and finishes

05 - 3D Plans

We create a 3D visualization of your project, which allows for an effective and user-friendly understanding of its different components, with clearly identifiable perspectives and dimensions.

I discovered the 3D world that will allow you to live an immersive, exciting, and surprising experience, leading you towards the future of your project


¿Do you want to experience the future of architectural visualization with Oculus Real Studio?


As real as yours

We enhance your project with innovative ideas and sustainable, long-lasting proposals. We create 360° renders and videos, and we suggest viewing them on a screen or with VR goggles


We are the fusion of experience and cutting-edge virtual reality technology that will immerse you in your project from start to finish

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How do we do it?

At Oculus Real Studio, we don't just create renderings and project visualizations. We focus on providing customized solutions for each of our clients, from conceptualization to the delivery of the final product 

We meet, listen, speak, and understand the needs 

We establish a dynamic and fluid relationship with those embarking on the adventure of immersing themselves in this virtual world. We plan and develop the path towards the desired goal, with clear definition and coordination of frequent meetings as preliminary steps to the final project, ensuring that expectations are met at each stage

If it's a new project or remodeling, we provide advice and design solutions to bring that idea to life from start to finish with the utmost attention to detail

In the presence of an existing project, using plans or 3D models provided by the client, we define concepts and materials to be used

Then, we progress in the creation of 2D drawings, 3D modeling, renders, videos, 360° images, and deliver a customized digital and/or physical folder.

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